The MC Story is a minecraft based comic created in 2012. The comic currently contains six seasons. The full story can be read here. There is a total of 73 episodes.

The MC Story contains six seasons telling the story of players uniting to defend the server from various opponents and villains, and takes place in Owner's server.

Season One (14 episodes)

Season Two (13 episodes)

Season Three (9 episodes)

Season Four (13 episodes)

Season Five (12 episodes) (Conclusion/The Prequels/A New Beginning)

Season Six (12 episodes)

The comic has been "ended" three times, with the comic revived each time afterwards. The comic is currently over, but will be revived again if an interesting story comes up.

The comic has ties to The Minecrafters, such as crossovers and the fact it is in the same universe.

A spinoff called Virtis Tales began in 2018.


  • The Season 4 episode "Somehow" (ep 47) is the last to feature speech bubbles for characters. All subsequent episodes feature text and lines indicating the speaking character
  • The Season Three episodes Mob Arena, Double the Station Part 1 and 2 are not canon. Instead, the gap between the third and fourth season was to be bridged by Minecraft: The Lost Chronicles, but that film was cancelled, leaving the gap between Season 3 and 4 a mystery.
  • The series originally ended after the episode The Virus, then release of The Prequels followed by A New Beginning was released. Even after that, Season Six was officially announced and released.