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Opposer: Anti Virtis


Virtis are the three antagonists of The MC Story Season Six. They are PerseusYldir and Nodis, who are expert hackers taking over minecraft servers and the gaming community to control it under their own order.

Despite favouring their hacks, they are also quite skilled players without them. Yldir engaged in a sword fight with Trock, and eventually overpowered him and nearly killed him, the latter only saved when he was arrested.


Perseus has a scar and prefers to use swords. He is seen as the leader of the three.


Yldir has a beard, and a scar on his face, and his preferred weapon is TNT, or explosions. He is the one who stayed in Owner's server with Mob Destructor, where he was seen using a special ability to rip open the world around him. Titan 309 has proclaimed Yldir the "weakest of the group".


Nodis has a moustache and prefers to use lightning. In Overlord Chronicles, he is shown to be quite illiterate and use incomplete sentences.

The MC StoryEdit

They were busy acquiring other servers/games before their initial appearance in the episode Appearance. They left Razer63 in charge of Owner's server with limited operating privilages. Though introduced in Season Six, they have been present on the server since Season Five, unbeknownst to everyone. By the end of Season Six, Anti Virtis track Yldir and arrest him, before interrogating him to the point where he rats out Perseus and Nodis, with the trio then serving going to serve life in prison.

Before the transfer to prison, they're temporarily held in a hacker jail, and briefly appear in the real world in The final showdown, the series 6 finale of The Minecrafters, in a prison cell next to Lord_Hat and Ultimate_Overlord. In Overlord Chronicles , the three are seen escaping the jail after having teamed up with Ultimate_Overlord.

Virtis and Ultimate_Overlord are set to return in The Minecrafters Story.

Virtis TalesEdit

In Virtis Tales, Joesph Forrest is shown to be the founder of the group, and  Malcolm LangVlad HoughSteffan Hibbert, and Lillie Sweet all join the crew. These people however are just those that established everything, before the group broke apart and Perseus, Yldir and Nodis took from their work.